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Reach 2B users with our WhatsApp Business Solution. Automate notifications and communicate with your audience through our omni-channel platform officially supported by WhatsApp 

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AI chat automation

All conversations can be automated easily and performed by a skill in the virtual assistant for your business.

Multi agent

Smart routing and easy-to-manage BoT-to-human conversations, allowing your agent  to manage all channels in a single interface.

API Integration

Add automation and integrate onto your existing CRM,ERP, Customer Care system or any database management System – and don’t miss a count.


Rich Messaging

Send and receive texts, images, PDFs, locations, videos, weblinks, Interactive buttons, Stickers or quick replies on WhatsApp.

Verified Business

Connect with millions of customers on Whatsapp Chatbot with your Verified WhatsApp Business Account Number. Whether it is to send notifications or to engage in a conversation

Real Time Analytics

Insights and performance reports with real time analytics that are just a button away!

Why WhatsApp Business Chatbot?

Reduce Operational Cost

Eliminate repetitive tasks for your support team

Increase Loyalty

Drive better, more personalized experiences that delight customers

Immediate Assistance

Botified around the clock for support or lead generation

Increase Conversions

New enquires are automatically segregated and converted to potential customer.


New-age smart healthcare chatbots can record symptoms, diagnose ailments. They can provide information on the side effects of medicines and terms of use. 

  • Clinic & Doctor Appointments
  • Medicine Reminders & Daily Health tips
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Guidance
  • Doctor Searches
  • Symptom Checker


Smart banking chatbots now are digital assistants that engage well with the customers. They can fetch information and execute transactions in real-time. This allows regular banking transactions to be available on the command of your customers.

  • Transactional alerts
  • Account and card statements
  • Fraud management alerts
  • ATM locator
  • Loan calculator and planner.


Students & teachers can use educational chatbots for getting notifications, taking surveys & completing assessments. Prospective students can have a lot of information on their fingertips.

  • Provide course structure, fees, and other details
  • Scorecards for students and teachers
  • Admission process
  • Course recommendation
  • Student on boarding

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