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    Funngage - A modern communion of engagement and advertising

    Change Social Feed Scrollers and Story Viewers to an Immersive and Engaged Experience.


Most convenient and engaging in-app experience.
Make the app organize its presence across platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram
get hold of accountable data and generate potential leads
Vertical Experience for mobile phones​
Secured data procurement with absolute user consent
Analytics dashboard to assess performance and download the captured data
Funngage outreaches the potential as per your marketing preferences
Amplifies promotional activities through Instagram stories swipe up, Facebook stories, Snapchat, websites, and whatnot.

About the Service!

Funngage – generates immersively highly interactive experiences over social media, in-app ads, existing websites and mobile apps. We help you escalate your brand’s recall value, audience engagement & most importantly higher prospects of your brand name’s retention. With our innovative development, we can help you in deploying mind-blowing games, collaborative videos, quizzes, surveys, and various other possibilities just inside social media applications that not only helps you to engage them but also capture leads and measure the performance in real-time.

Keeping your audience keenly Fungaged

Funngage uptakes native advertising at its best across various social platforms, in-app ads, and even existing brand mobile apps to increase audience engagement & most importantly higher prospects of your brand name’s retention. Witness 10 times better engagement with exclusive rewarding tasks, games, progress bars, virtual badges, and bonuses, quizzes, wheel of fortune, lucky draws, and let the list be endless!

Live Examples

Play with Music

The Game is to engage audience with Music option

Match Me

Matching the cards to test your Audience Memory

Rush Hour

The Game is to engage audience with engaging miniature game